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Fresh Start to Active Living around NYC in 2019

New York City: the concrete jungle where dreams are made, stars are born and numerous Marvel movies and shows take place. Whether you’re a lifelong resident of the city looking to add a layer of physical fitness to your routine or a newcomer who stepped off the bus three months ago and haven’t left your desk yet, we’ve got the fun outdoor and active living activities that you need to get out and stay active in 2019.

Running through the city

Running through NYC, dodging people and tasting the scents of differing neighborhood culinary scenes as you move from block to block—there’s nothing like it. If you’re new to NYC, you might not know that the city has numerous active running groups that meet all across the City’s five boroughs. From Central Park to the gritty streets, you’ll be able to have everything from good long jogs to green space for sprinting. Some of the best places to run in NYC include:

  • The Brooklyn Bridge
  • Hudson River Greenway
  • High Line Park
  • Central Park
  • Prospect Park
  • Morningside Park
  • Coney Island’s Boardwalk
  • Carl Schurz Park
  • Queensboro Bridge
  • Roosevelt Island
  • Van Cortlandt Park
  • The East River Greenway

If you’re running in a high-traffic area or at night, remember to wear reflective gear. And, as with all of these activities, stay hydrated. After you try it out, if you think running’s an activity you’ll spend time on, you should consider signing up to join a local running/jogging group or registering for any one of the city’s marathons, half-marathons, 10Ks or 5Ks.

Bicycling through NYC streets

Another great way to stay active outdoors on a daily basis is cycling. The average person burns between 450 and 750 calories per hour of moderate cycling, making it a great way to lose weight. Over the past few years, NYC’s government has spent time and money investing in a bicycle-friendly infrastructure, and its paid off. Every day, hundreds of New Yorkers cycle to work instead of driving or relying on public transportation.

If you’re going to be biking in the city, be sure to study the bike paths, bike lanes, and greenways available to you as a cyclist. Being aware in advance of any of your cycling travel will cut down on mistakes and help you focus on the road. You should also invest in a high-quality bicycle lock and a reliable helmet.

Recreational Sports

If running and cycling aren’t for you, and you prefer team sports, NYC Social’s perfect for you. With sports spanning from basketball and skeeball, they make it easy to sign up for a team and get started. You can even search for teams according to your neighborhood and the day of the week that you’re able to meet. Social sports teams are a great way to learn a new sport, make some new friends, and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

Unlike solitary activities like running and cycling, recreational sports demand you collaboratively interact with others, making them great places to practice your communication skills, learn about leadership, and network with team members after practice.

Kayaking in NYC’s waterways

Surprised to find out you can go kayaking (or canoeing) in the Big Apple? One of the most underrated activities NYC offers is the ability to travel and see the city from its waterways. Some boathouses even offer free kayaking lessons during the summer. If you’re interested in kayaking, check out a place like Manhattan Community Boathouse in Hell’s Kitchen, which offers first-come, first-serve lessons for beginners or the North Brooklyn Boat Club in Greenpoint, where you can volunteer to become a deckhand after you’ve gotten a good amount of training and lessons. There’s also the Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse, the Downtown Boathouse, and the scenic and less urban Kayak Staten Island.

Getting fit through fitness classes

Worried that being in a fitness class will remind you of your years in the back of the class during gym class? Don’t. Everyone has that fear, and fitness classes are a great way of realizing that there are more people just like you than you think. Best of all, New York has plenty of local fitness classes that are tailored to what you’d like to do, including martial arts, boxing, cardio, yoga, dancing, swimming, pilates, and general fitness. This range ensures that you’ll find at least one take to do that you enjoy, but you should also take the opportunity to learn something new and outside of your comfort zone.

Start today

Whichever way you decide to get fit, make sure you’re following through with all the hard work you’re putting your body through by eating healthy and consuming nutritious meals. By transforming your New York lifestyle to be healthier and more active, you’re more likely to enjoy your life in the city and continue your activities for a long time to come.

Written by Jeremy Alderman