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How to Conquer Your Clutter Without Breaking a Sweat

Tidying and organizing your home can feel like a major undertaking, especially if things have gotten a bit out of control. If you have accumulated more “stuff” than you know what to do with, take heart. There are some simple strategies for conquering clutter, and once you get a handle on it, chances are you’ll never look back.

Amateur-Friendly Ideas

When your household is really disorganized, you might be tempted to call in reinforcements, such as a professional organizer. However, by finding a decluttering method that works well, you can avoid letting things get out of control all over again. For instance, some people choose the “one” method, where they get rid of one thing daily, whether it’s a full box, a bag, or a single item while others prefer to go room by room. Another idea is to sort things into specific categories, such as items to discard, items to put away, and items to re-home. Keep in mind that you will most likely need several decluttering sessions for your project, but making steady progress can help build momentum.

Capitalize with Cleaning

As you sort piles and sift through items, you’re bound to unearth some dirt and debris. This is the perfect time to give your home a thorough cleaning, wiping away the dust and cobwebs so your cleared spaces shine. You can assemble a handy cleaning caddy and keep it close to where you’re working, giving things a once over when you finish for the day, or taking breaks to scrub as needed. Some people prefer to hire a cleaning company to come by periodically; that way, you can focus all your energy on decluttering.

Do You Love, Love, Love It?

When you have a lot of “stuff” to sift through, it can be challenging deciding what to keep and what to throw. The experts at MarthaStewart.com point out that our belongings can reflect an emotional attachment that actually weighs us down. We often hang onto possessions out of a desire to cling to the past or to prepare for an unknown future event. Letting go of things that don’t bring joy can be freeing, and some studies indicate we lower our stress and anxiety levels when we part ways with clutter. If you hit a stumbling block, one idea is to ask yourself if you love, love, love it. Items that don’t warrant three loves? Those have to go!

Pump Up the Volume

De-cluttering can be a big undertaking, and it’ll feel satisfying to watch your own progress. However, sometimes things can bog us down. On days you don’t feel like dealing with the clutter, consider putting on some music to help keep your work light. Psych Central points out that playing music can be a mood booster. Aim for something upbeat, as our minds and bodies respond naturally to the sounds and rhythms. Whether you opt to slip your phone into your pocket to blast your tunes or use another device, you can select an online playlist that’s perfect for household chores, or you can customize your own.

What to Do with the Castoffs

Once you have piles of things you’re ready to part with, re-homing them can feel like another hurdle. There are actually plenty of good options to consider. For things that are still useful, consider selling them or donating them to charities. Items that are too worn or are broken can often be given away for others to up cycle, or you can recycle them. There is an abundance of opportunities, and you can feel even better knowing your old items are being put to good use.

Are you ready to pare down? When you have more “stuff” than you know what to do with, figuring out a good decluttering method can get you on the right track. Make sure you have fun with it, and in no time, your home will be tidy and organized.

Written by Suzie Wilson