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Living the Dream: Bring Your Pets Home To Florida

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Moving to Florida is a dream for many people. As you embark on that dream, keep your furry family members in consideration. You can bring your pets to your new home with minimal trouble.

Options for Pet-Friendly Real Estate

As you think about your move to Florida, find ways to welcome yourself and your pet to a new state. Your first point of contact should be a realtor and a doctor. Additionally, you may want to look up veterinarians in advance. Call local vets over the phone to find one that suits you and your furry family member.

If you come from a climate unlike Florida, then research the climate. You have to contend with fleas and mosquitos all year round. Fortunately, preventative measures help you handle the different climates and your pet.

Seek real estate that you can see your pet living in. For example, if you have large dogs, you may want a property with a large backyard. Consider talking to your real estate agent about bringing your pup to home viewings, if possible. According to the experts, you must ensure your pets will be safe in your new home. Make sure you have shelving in your new garage to store all high chemicals away from your pets. All electrical wires should stay out of reach of pets; additionally, keep covers on all air vents.

Insurance for Your Animals

Before moving, purchase pet insurance in Florida. Pet insurance helps lessen your burden when it comes to medical bills for your pet. To determine which plan works for you, evaluate different types of coverages. Check the deductibles, premiums, and maximum ages the insurance coverage handles. You should also assess sample quotes and reviews.

Resources To Alleviate Pet Anxiety

When moving, keep to a strict plan. Animals are sensitive to changes in their routine. Dogs and cats may become more clingy during the moving process. When moving out of state, you should make arrangements far in advance. For example, make road trip plans or flight arrangements so there is no stress beforehand. Many flights require paperwork to bring along. You may also want to have vet records on hand in case of an emergency on the road.

Stay calm and upbeat during the move. Your pets pick up on your emotions. Make sure you spend as much time as you can leading up to the move with your pet. Unwind by going for long walks with your dog or having extra playtime with your cat. Before the move, make sure you desensitize your pet to the car. Slowly introduce the pet to the vehicle and give plenty of rewards and praise.

On the ride, consider an anti-anxiety jacket for the dog, along with favorite toys and blankets. Dogs tend to calm down when they have familiar things around them. There are calming pheromones and other supplements for dogs and cats. To feel more comfortable with products, look for reviews. Customer ratings make great resources, but you should feel more comfortable with veterinarian reviews. Not only can you feel more confident in the purchase, but you know the products will keep your pet healthy and safe. Always look for websites that offer reviews on products from animal pros.

Regarding moving, you need to ensure that your pet arrives at your new home safely. You can ease your pet’s anxiety by making plans in advance. Additionally, ensure you have pet insurance to help with vet bills once you reach your destination.

Author: Suzie Wilson, Happier Home