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Top 5 Upcoming Fall Activities Around NYC

New York City is an exciting place with more than enough to keep anyone occupied, tourist or resident. But while the sights like the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, or the Empire State Building are always present, some things take a bit of timing. There’s plenty to do year-round in New York, although fall tends to be the best time for the biggest and most exciting events in the city. Whether you like culture, pop or not, are looking for a party, or want to be entertained from the stage, fall in NYC is going to be where it’s at. So check out these five events happening in the city this fall, and pick out the ones you just know you can’t miss.

While the Big Apple is a diverse and varied place, there’s one thing that really binds it together: a love of coffee. It saturates the city, where there’s coffee shops on nearly every corner and nearly all of them are a unique, loving take on the beverage. Well, it goes a step farther than that: the New York Coffee Festival is a celebration of all things black, bean, and brewed. Taking place from October 12th to the 14th this year, the New York Coffee Festival is an adventure through nearly every style and taste of coffee that the city has to offer. The festival includes contests and demonstrations of things like latte art and barista skills, but also street food, live music, and coffee cocktail bars. It’s a perfect storm of things a coffee lover will love, but also plenty for everyone else to do—regardless of how you take it, cream, sugar, milk, or black.

Starting in November, New York City will turn overnight into the comedy capital of the world. From the fifth to the eleventh, the New York Comedy Festival begins with shows from some of the biggest names in comedy through twenty different venues in the city. Some of these big names include Conan O’Brien, Tracy Morgan, and Gabriel Iglesias, so you know it’s going to be an all-star cast of laughs. Even still, the shows aren’t just limited to the most famous, the festival is slated for 200 or more comics across a hundred different shows, providing more than enough for the discerning comedy fan. Naturally, with a festival of that size, you won’t be able to do it all, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying it as much as you can. It’s a week of nothing but laughs and a good time.

If you’re planning on being in the city for Halloween, don’t miss the 45th annual Village Halloween Parade. It’s a night of costumes and fun dedicated to a happy, celebratory spirit around the creativity and liveliness of everyone participating. Participation is limited to those in costume, so now’s the best time to get creative and come up with your most extravagant and interesting costume and bring it to life. There’s a costume contest for the parade, only requirement is to show up, put your best foot forward with your costume. For those not into costuming, there’s also opportunities to volunteer as a puppeteer for one of the many parade puppets and performers.

Comic Con
One of the biggest events in New York that just about anyone can get behind is the New York Comic Con, famed as the biggest pop culture event in America. At the Javits Center, thousands will show up in costume and comic t-shirts to meet their favorite superhero, Sci-Fi, fantasy, and other stars. Plenty of artists, fan and professional, arrive to show and sell their talents of capturing all the world’s favorite shows and books in ink. Comic Con is also famously where sneak peaks and announcements are made on upcoming TV shows and projects, so attending could get you on the cutting edge of the year’s most anticipated entertainment. Kids as young as 6 are allowed at NYCC so be sure to scope out local discounted group tickets online if you are planning on bringing the kids and their friends. Panels are announced in advance, so it’s easy enough to plan around hitting all the talks and events you want to keep up with.

Film Festival
While we’re on the subject of pop culture, maybe you’re a connoisseur of the silver screen. Naturally, this fall in New York has the perfect event for you: the New York Film Festival. Premiering some of the newest and best films, the New York Film Festival isn’t just limited to the United States. Several international films, including those from South Korea, China, France, and Poland, are also on the main slate for their US or worldwide premieres. Fiction isn’t the only thing being screened, too, as a good portion of the festival is dedicated specifically to documentaries, should those be your particular interest. And for those not looking for the new, the festival also has a dedicated set of revivals, screening classic films dating back to the 1950s that have been digitally remastered for modern viewing.

Written by Jeremy Alderman