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Top Tips for Settling Into Your New NYC Home

Moving to a whole new town or city can be pretty intimidating, especially when you don’t already have a support network in your new area. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to help yourself feel at home as fast as possible.

Prepping Your Home

Give your space a fresh look for the right start:

● If you can, take enough time off work to fully unpack and organize your home — living out of boxes can make you feel even more out of place.
● Hire a furniture cleaning company to knock out any cleaning tasks you don’t have the tools or time to handle, such as having your upholstery cleaned.
● Hang up wall art and put up decor as soon as possible in order to make your space as welcoming as possible.

Handle Logistics

If you’re moving to a new state, be sure to check off a few taskssuch as getting pre-approved for your mortgage at a bank near your new location, and ensure you’ve already landed a job in the area you’re relocating to. Make your move official by following these tips:

● Find your nearest DMV and update your drivers’ licenseand car registration.
● Practice the routes from your home to the nearest grocery store, post office, convenience store, and other frequently-visited locations.
● Use your insurance to find a new doctor and dentist nearby.

Make Yourself at Home

Find your place in your new space:

● Find local organizations for sports, hobbies, or activities you enjoy in order to meet people with shared interests.
● Reach out to friends and old classmates who live in New York City to help show you around town.
● Get to know The Big Apple by checking out all the popular attractions, visiting a few coffee shops, and planning to attend some events.
● Here’s a guide for getting to know your neighbors.
● Check out local clubs and nonprofits to build your social support network and get to know your new town.

These steps can go a long way toward making a new space more familiar, more welcoming, and more like home. We hope that you can use these resources to make your next major move as easy and smooth as possible. Transitions can be challenging, but finding your comfort zone in a new space is more than worth it.

Author: Cherie Mclaughlin