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“Success is a science.” – Oscar Wilde

Whether you are a property owner interested to learn the value of your property, a real estate agent seeking a coaching program, a landlord seeking to fill vacancies more efficiently, an investor seeking to limit tax exposure, a foreign national looking to maintain a U.S. presence, a hotelier seeking to increase revenues, a homeowner seeking to discuss various home improvement options, a purchaser curious to understand the nuances of the buying process, a family seeking to properly estate plan, a developer planning your next project, a marketing team strategizing for your next campaign launch, a party to a transaction seeking negotiating advice, or an office manager seeking to boost agent morale and production within your firm, Watson International is honored to be of service to you.

As a leading real estate broker that has closed thousands of sales, an executive with a history of record-breaking sales, a prominent landlord and investor herself with a vast real estate portfolio, a property management specialist, a licensed general contractor, an interior design specialist, and a visionary hotelier, Antonia Watson is an anomaly in the real estate industry. As a distinguished expert with an overwhelming wealth of knowledge in all areas of the real estate business, Antonia consults with clients through a holistic, comprehensive, and integrated method. In this way, Antonia is able to help clients to set goals, create optimal strategies, and yield specific targeted results.

If you are interested in personalized consulting services, individualized coaching, small group workshops, or large group seminars with Antonia Watson, please contact us.

We look forward to helping you exceed your expectations.